Top 5 Tips For Blogging.

How can you make your blogging stand out when there are already so many amazing blogs about the arts, culture, and creative endeavors? How do you attract more visitors, grow your clientele, and keep them coming back for more?

“The blog is a platform for text-based knowledge sharing with a global audience. And bloggers are those who share their knowledge online. Additionally, “Updating blogs and performing online tasks on websites is known as blogging.” You are currently reading this article on my site, as an example of a blog. I update this blog a couple of times per week. We refer to this practice as blogging.

Hopefully, you can grasp how I describe blogging.. If you approach it with passion, The process is quite simple. It takes time to make money, therefore if you start writing with the goal of doing so, you’ll lose motivation after a few months.

To start making money, it takes at least 4 months. It implies that in order to make money, you must work consistently for four months. This was an explanation of “what is blogging,” therefore let’s look at its advantages now.

Blogging Benefits

This is very important. Because without benefits why you start blogging. As per the research, the thousands of blog are being made worldwide daily.

So, I have created a checklist of the benefits of blogging below –

  • Become famous worldwide as a blogger
  • Make millions of dollar per month (it takes time)
  • Share your knowledge to worldwide
  • You can start your own company
  • Live boss free life
  • Work as per your time and mood
  • No pressure to work daily
  • Earn money even while sleeping.
  • Work from anywhere, don’t need your own office
  • Create your Brand…

These are the only advantages listed. You can start living like a king if you have a blog and start earning thousands of dollars.

Top 10 high paying Blogging Topics

  • Blogging (Teach about blogging)
  • Make money online
  • Insurance and finance
  • Technology
  • Health and fitness
  • Food or recipes
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Affiliate website
  • Review website

Ways To Make Money Blogging

There are lots of ways to make money from a blog. I have listed a few main ways to make money blog for beginners.

  • Affiliate Marketing (Promote products and earn commission)
  • Display Advertising (CPC ads like Google Adsense and
  • Direct advertising (Direct sell your ad space on your blog)
  • Promotional and pay posts
  • Paid Link sharing etc…

Choose A Blogging Platform

The blogging platform is the template or tool that will form the basis of your blog. This is where you will create your articles, tutorials, videos or images before making them available to the audience. On that note, let me introduce you to the best blogging platform that I know of: WordPress. If you’ve been working online for some time, then you must have heard this popular name. It’s actually the most popular blogging platform on the planet.

Reasons why I personally recommend it!

Ease of use (it is very easy to use and provides step-by-step user instructions)
Flexibility (it can be used to create any form of site, ranging from very simple to complex)
Wide usage (owing to its popularity, a lot of people use it and share ideas on its tools and uses)

Useful Links

Get started here on how create a blogging website

Domain and hosting recommend

Top 5 Tips For Blogging

1) Get strong command of the language you will be writing in.

If you will be writing in English, you need to write in proper (while not necessarily formal) English. People will not want to read your writing if it consistently has multiple errors; it makes your writing to difficult to understand. The best way to get good at writing is to read. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to write about, read about that topic. You’ll become more knowledgeable while improving your writing skills. Pay attention to what kind of writing you think is effective. Try to figure out what about that style is appealing.

2) Decide what you’re going to write about.

This is not complicated. You can write about anything or nothing. Write about your ordinary life. Write about your extraordinary life. Write about something you love. Write about something you hate. Write about something in which you have expertise. Write about something you are trying to learn. As long as your posts have some sort of cohesion, people will keep reading.

3) Find a platform. There are lot of platforms out there.

Pick one that works for you and commit to it. See What blogging platform should a novice blogger use?

4) Write. Just start writing.

It doesn’t matter in the beginning how often, because no one is looking anyway. Figure out a rhythm that works for you. Maybe it’s a couple paragraphs a day until your post is done. Maybe its two medium sized posts per week. Maybe its one big post on Saturdays. Getting writing into your routine is a good way to stay consistent. Once you have followers, consistency is important.

5) Be patient.

They don’t come just because you build it. They have to find it and that takes time. Just keep writing for writing’s sake. As long as you are writing about things that people are looking for, they will find you. Don’t judge yourself by how many hits you get a day. Judge yourself on the quality and consistency of your writing.

Blogging Resources

There are many ways to make your own blog successful, which can increase your profile and help you attract more clients. Here are my top 5 suggestions for running a successful blog. Please leave a comment, rate it, and share it. You can also follow my Facebook page if you have any additional advice.

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