Cheapest VTU Platform In Nigeria

Ashkalpay is the cheapest VTU platform in Nigeria, which provides referral and reseller/vendor services to its users.

Why Chosen Ashkalpay as Cheapest VTU Platform in Nigeria?

Without a question, starting a VTU business is among the easiest and most profitable ventures in Nigeria, but the viability of the venture greatly depends on the VTU platform you choose.

Ashkalpay offer the best value and the lowest price to their subscribers, resellers/vendors on Data, Cable Subscription, Electricity Bill, Airtime(VTU), Education Pin, Paper Data, E-pin, Reseller Offer, Airtime to Cash, Referral and more.

How To Make Money Being a Reseller On ASHKALPAY?

For example:

1GB of SME MTN data plan is sold at ₦232.16 to our reseller.

so as long as you signed up on Ashkalpay platform, you will start making Money with ease.

Just selling cheap SME data 1GB bought at #232.16 to 10 persons daily at the rate of #400 or less standard price gives you > ₦168 x 10 = ₦1680

Then ₦1680 daily multiplied by 30 days is ₦50,400 monthly for selling 1GB MTN DATA Bundles alone.

so imagine if you sell same 1gb data at the rate of #450 or more or selling to more than 10 people daily, that is huge right..?

Services on Ashkalpay / Cheapest VTU platform in Nigeria

  • Buy Cheap bulk airtime
  • Buy Cheap SME Internet Data
  • Buy Direct Internet Data At Discount
  • Airtime to Cash
  • Recharge card Printing
  • Subscribe Your GoTv, DSTv, Startimes
  • Buy Electricity Bills
  • Buy WAEC, NECO and JAMB Pins

For Cable subscriptions on ASHKALPAY

You save money by purchasing your cable subscriptions through ASHKALPAY

while charging your customers a convenience fee of #50 or more for each bundle you recharge on their behalf.

Where else but on ASHKALPAY could you find such a service for such a low price?

So, if you sell other ASHKALPAY products like, MTN Cheap SME Data, Direct Data Bundles, Mobile Airtime, PARER DATA, SMILE DATA Plan, Spectranet DATA Plan, Pay Electricity bills and  Education Pin?

You will end up making over ₦100k to 200k and above Monthly without stress by just SIGNUP to buy the services on ASHKALPAY.

ASHKALPAY also offer Referral on their platform which is another way of making money on the platform.

To get started, Simply Create Account and login, then click fund wallet > enter amount to deposit to fund your wallet using any of the payment methods on the site, its pretty straight forward.

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